Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos


Unfortunate events of damage caused from water leaking from the washer lead to an unexpected floor upgrade. Moved out, old carpet gutted out, mitigated, restore... READ MORE

Just as Good as New

There was water damage in this apartment from a broken water pipe, this affected the carpet of one of our customer's home. There was cleaning needed to be done ... READ MORE

Toilet leak

This flooded home in Honolulu, HI was the result of a broken pipe from the living room restroom. The extent of the water damage seeped into the floors causing i... READ MORE

Silent destruction

Do you notice a small pool of water where your toilet meets the floor? Does the floor around the toilet feel spongy? Is the finished flooring coming up? If so, ... READ MORE

Detecting nonvisable water damage

As you can see in 'before' photo, you cannot see any wet area with the naked eye. SERVPRO of East Honolulu has advance technology that can detect what the naked... READ MORE

Detecting nonvisable water damage

By using a humidity meter, we can accurately identify the wet and dry materials and comes up with the amount of moisture present in the air, even the ones the n... READ MORE

Bathroom Cleanup

This photo represents a hoarders bathroom that was damaged from water that started from the kitchen. Before any restoration can be done, we had to clear out all... READ MORE

Flooded real estate office in Aeia, HI

This large real estate office in Aeia, HI was dried out quickly after an AC leaked, causing a major flood. We are proud to have helped all the agents and proper... READ MORE

Extracting water after a flood in a gym

We extracted water and dried this gym in Honolulu, HI so that its clients could continue enjoying their daily exercise.